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Best Exercise to Lose Weight - High Intensity Interval Training for Extraordinary Weight Loss

By James Zachary Subscribe to RSS | December 18th 2011 | Views:

The best exercise to lose weight dramatically within a very very short amount of time, in my opinion, will be one of the adaptations to aerobic workouts - the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Listed here, I'm going to reveal to you what cardiovascular exercise is, how it is commonly performed, what is HIIT, and the 4 reasons why I personally consider HIIT as the best exercise to lose weight.

What's Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular, or "cardio" for short, pretty much means the heart. Cardio exercises increase your pulse rate for that time period, training the coronary heart and lungs to be stronger. It is usually referred to as aerobic exercise. As the term indicates, aerobic exercises need consistent distribution of oxygen towards your muscles, with the heart keeping up with the intensity of the exercise session.

Good examples of aerobic exercise are jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and etcetera, in which there's really no, or not much rest in the middle of exercise sessions. Cardiovascular exercises could well burn up a huge amount of excess calories, should it be done properly.

In what way Do People Commonly Practice Cardiovascular Exercises?

A number of fitness center instructors and also fitness trainers strongly recommend the "heart-rate" method. Whilst very long sessions of running on the fitness treadmill machine would possibly strip away quite a number of body fat, you need the stamina to hold out to the end of the workouts. Because of this, the intensity (how hard you train) of the exercise session must remain within a rate whereby the heart can possibly keep up with.

Heartbeat-rate is simply the number of times the coronary heart beats each minute. Maximum heart-rate would mean the absolute maximum number of heartbeats the coronary heart could very well sustain. The preferred "training zone" is usually roughly 60% to 80% of one's maximum heartbeat-rate. That's the intensity you should be training at for half an hour to an hour a session, three to five sessions weekly.

I will illustrate the best way to determine maximum heartbeat-rate in the future publications.

High Intensity Interval Training

Basically, I'm not really the person that loves to stick to the home treadmill for 60 minutes. Reiterating the very same actions at the same speed virtually bore me out very easily. Allow me to reveal to you the best exercise to lose weight that I love doing - the High Intensity Interval Training.

The following is how it resembles:

3-4 minutes of warming up,

1 minute of strenuous sprinting (around 75% of your total capacity),

1.5 minutes of fairly fast stroll,

1 minute of super intensive sprinting (give it the best or even better),

1.5 minutes of fairly fast walking.

Reiterate this workout for 4 times to get an whole twenty minutes of entertaining workout.

Top Four Reasons Why HIIT Will Probably Be The Best Exercise To Lose Weight:

1) Short and Enjoyable

As mentioned earlier, working on the treadmill on constant speed for sixty minutes is certainly dull or boring. Also, 60 minutes every workout session is definitely taking up too much of my time! A quality HIIT work out burns up far more fats, but occupies merely just about twenty minutes a workout session.

2) The likely physical body development

Contrast the build of a typical sprinter and a marathoner. A sprinter has a slim yet dynamic looking appearance. A typical marathoner, on the other hand, looks "lethargic". It's scientifically validated that extended cardio exercise sessions could lead to muscles loss, causing you the skeletal look associated with a marathoner.

3) The "Afterburn Effect"

HIIT simply leaves your body to recuperate heavily, from all of the ass-kicking you handed your body during the workout. The recovery forces you to expend roughly 9 times additional energy than you always do when you are watching your favored Tv channel.

This enormous calorie burning following a HIIT exercise session is termed as the "Afterburn Effect" or "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption" (EPOC). It generally lasts for many hours following the exercise session.

4) Much better Heart Training

The rest-burst-recovery workout trains your coronary heart to be able to undergo rapid changes, thereby rendering it a whole lot more capable in dealing with day to day stress as well as handling various levels of blood pressure.

Cardio exercise is undoubtedly an unavoidable workout that you'd want to practice should you wish to experience dramatic weight loss in a short period of time. The HIIT helps to make cardiovascular exercises quick, exciting, and makes it possible for continuous fat-burning even after the workout session.

And that is why High Intensity Interval Training is considered the best exercise to lose weight.

I had put together a post on my website that demonstrates the complete procedure of the High Intensity Interval Training. You'll find 2 videos that I have placed there that shows precisely how this best exercise to lose weight is carried out properly.

James Zachary - About Author:
I'm also giving away a FREE guide to help you kick start your weight loss journey. It is authored by a leading Certified Nutritionist in the fat loss industry, and the guide itself has the commercial value of $12.99. You can now get it FREE from my website, Go get yours!

You can get in touch with me via my website if you have any inquiries. My name is Selina Jolie, and thank you for reading!

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