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The Importance of Maintaining Oral Hygiene the Right Way

By Randy Collins Subscribe to RSS | January 20th 2012 | Views:

Most of us do not care to bother about our teeth. A perfunctory brushing of the teeth makes us believe all is going to be well. However, it is important to practice good oral hygiene in order to prevent dental problems like gingivitis and bad breath. Moreover, there are certain oral pathological conditions where good oral hygiene is essential for the healing and regeneration of tissues.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth. The tissues surrounding the teeth called the periodontium are affected. The infection can extend from the tissues to the bone as well. The main cause for this is bacteria present in the mouth. Though generally bacteria present in the other parts of the body serve as protective agents, the bacteria present in the mouth work exactly the opposite. The warmth and moisture present in the mouth are in great favor for the breeding of bacteria. To top it the constant food supply ensures a permanent home for the bacteria. It is only the body's immune system that helps in having some sort of control over the proliferation of the bacteria in the mouth. Though the exact cause for bacterial infection of the gums is difficult to predict, the most likely cause is the formation and accumulation of plaque in between the teeth. People already suffering from illnesses like diabetes, leukemia and HIV are also prone to be attacked by bacteria leading to gingivitis.

The mouth needs to be kept clean in order to help in healing conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis and dental trauma. Periodontitis is nothing but the advanced stage of gingivitis when the infection becomes serious and affects the gums and bones and causes them to erode. This could result in the need to have the troublesome tooth extracted. Smoking is an important cause that can increase the risk of contracting gum diseases. Besides genetic causes hormonal changes in girls and young women may also cause gingivitis.

Brushing thoroughly twice a day and flossing once daily will go a long way in keeping the mouth and teeth free from infections. Bad breath, which can be really embarrassing, can be avoided totally if the mouth is kept free of debris. The color of the gums needs to be pink and not purple or blackish blue. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding snacks between meals would certainly help. Using dental creams and mouthwashes containing fluoride is very important as it helps in preventing tooth decay. Intake of vitamin D and Calcium would help in maintaining a healthy and strong set of teeth and gums. Copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium are also essential for good oral health and these are found in our every day food. It important that children below the age of 12 drink fluoridated water or are given a fluoride supplement in some form.

Brushing twice daily with each session lasting not less than 2 to 3 minutes is important. Rinsing after every meal ensures that stubborn food particles are removed as even a small particle of food left in the mouth for hours together is an excellent host for a horde of bacteria. For those who wear braces, interdental aids need to be tried. Ignoring dental disorders could leave to irreparable damage and other complications as well. Refraining from smoking and limiting alcohol intake would also help. Visiting your dentist once in six months is a must. Those with implants could go for special cleaning aids specifically meant for the same. It would be a great idea to avoid junk food and never bite your nails notwithstanding however nervous you are.

A perfect set of teeth are essential not only for the basic need of chewing food thoroughly, they enhance a person's confidence level and shed all inhibitions. Let us all strive towards maintaining good oral hygiene and enjoy life the way it should be.

Randy Collins - About Author:
Randy Collins is a freelance author who believes that leading a healthy life needs to take priority over all other things in life. He keenly watches related programs on Dish TV Packages and believes in spreading awareness.

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