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Staying up till late at nights- a disaster to your health

By Loo821ql Subscribe to RSS | January 10th 2012 | Views:

The nature of modern life has brought a lot of changes in the way we utilize our time. There are always a lot of tasks that a person wants to accomplish, but there never seems to be sufficient time available to get done all of them. This is the primary reason why people tend to stretch their days by staying up late in the night. Most of the people do not realize that this habit poses a lot of harm to the overall well being of a person. In order to avoid getting into this habit of staying up late at nights, it is important to look at the reasons leading to this habit.

* Reasons to not staying up late at nights:

Many people stay up late in the night because of various life styles related reasons. It is important to keep such reasons in check, as they pose health risks in the long run.

- Working till late in the night:

It is important to learn to manage work properly and in time. Most of the people are over burdened with work these days, which forces them to keep working till late in the night. Though a lot of people keep working till late hours in the office itself, many bring work to their homes to complete them by waking up till late in the night.

- Studying till late in the night:

Pressure of performing well in the exams has struck the students so hard these days. However, this is not the only reason why students have to study till late in the night. The main reason is that they do not manage their time well. Starting studying when the examination are just a few days away, makes it necessary to spend those extra hours in the night for studying. Students should plan their studies well in advance to avoid the last moment burden of studies.

- Taking dinner late in the night:

Along with making you stay awake till late in the night, having dinner late in the night has other health harms too. Researchers suggest that people should have dinner maximum by 8 PM, but should not go to sleep immediately. You should sleep at least after 1 hour of taking the dinner. This helps the digestion process to begin while you are awake, and helps avoid fat accumulation in the body.

- Finishing household work late in the night:

This reason is most common among women, who have to finish all the household work before going to bed, and is usually seen in families which have dinner late in the night. This habit of taking dinner late in the night should be changed to having dinner early in the night.

- Watching television till late in the night:

This habit is like a virus; if one person in the family has this habit; it eventually spreads to the rest of the family members too. Watching late television shows or movies gives stress to eyes and increases the anxiety level in the body. Sleeping immediately after watching television is therefore considered bad for health in the wrong run.

- Sleep disorders:

Many people have sleep disorders like insomnia, because of which they find difficulty in sleeping. In many of the cases, it is important to take immediate medical attention to get it cured, as it will bring along other health disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

* How much sleep is required?

Researchers suggest that most of the people need about eight to nine hours of sleep each night. The right amount of sleep is essential for anyone who wants to remain active and alert throughout the day. Getting the right amount of sleep is a key to staying fit.

* How to avoid staying up late in the night:

- Getting up early in the morning will help you start your day early. The earlier you start your day, the more time you will get to finish up your tasks.

- Indulging in stress buster activities like exercising, meditation and yoga, serves as a great help in fighting sleep disorders.

- Most important thing is to manage your works properly. Organize your tasks properly. Make sure to set aside some time for yourself too. Remember that stressing out yourself will usually not give positive results.

- Do not leave tasks for completing them later. Completing tasks on time, helps you feel relaxed; and avoids any undue last minutes glitches.

- Eat on time: It is important to pay attention to your eating cycle. Eating on fixed times, help the body to maintain a healthy metabolism and digestion cycle. A healthy body feels light and does not interfere with the sleep cycle.

- Eat the right food: Avoid eating junk food and food which is difficult to digest by the body. Take light dinners, which are easy to digest. Do not go to sleep immediately after you take dinner. A gap of at least 1-2 hours should be maintained always between taking a meal and going to sleep.

Remember to drink enough amount of water to flush out toxins from your body which would help you feel healthy from within.

- It is also important that you list out reasonable amount of tasks for the day. Do not overburden yourselves with tasks that you cannot accomplish in a single day. Remember to take sufficient rest.

Staying up late in the night brings a lot of harms to your body. If you are also in the habit of staying till late in the night, then start now to make change in your routine for a healthy life ahead.

Loo821ql - About Author:
Find more information about sleep disorders at why sleep.

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