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Inventory of the Office Family 10 Life Lost Eating Habits

By Yyfq66 Subscribe to RSS | March 14th 2012 | Views:

Busy office family most of them do not pay attention to their eating habits at her door, wait until the stomach, diabetes, obesity and these diseases, known to be usually bad eating habits lead to ...

Do not eat breakfast

Allegations: Shangwei serious, so that you can not energetic work, but also easy to "look old". University of Erlangen, Germany, researchers found after long-term tracking of the 7000 men and women, the habits of people who skip breakfast accounted for 40%, reduced by an average 2.5 years of their life than the remaining 60%. Another university in the 80-90 years old found that one of their longevity in common: eat a hearty breakfast.

The decision on punishment: breakfast food, try to make delicious appetizer there is sufficient quantity and good quality, small size, thermal preparation province time and effort to pay attention to the choice of food dry with a thin, meat and vegetables both.

Dinner is too rich

Allegations: blood insulin levels in the evening for the peak day, insulin allows glucose into fat condensation in the vessel wall and the abdominal wall for dinner too rich, the passage of time, people will be obese. At the same time, the duration is usually longer sumptuous meal, but also undermine the body's normal circadian clock, people are likely to suffer from insomnia.

Punishment decisions: first, dinner to be as early as eating, can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary tract stones. Second, the elements to eat dinner. Dinner must be partial factors, especially intake of some fresh vegetables to minimize the intake of too much protein, fat foods. Third, the dinner to eat. General requirements of the heat supplied by the dinner does not exceed 30% of the total dietary calories a day.

Addicted to drink coffee

Allegations: (1) reduce the pregnancy rate. Per person per day to drink a cup of coffee, the pregnancy rate is likely to fall by 50%. (2) susceptible to heart disease. Coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, can change in heart function and blood vessels of cholesterol. (3) and reduced efficiency.

The decision on punishment: drink less.

The banquet separated from raw food

Charges: causing a variety of parasitic diseases.

The punishment decision: 1. A day and drink fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice. 2 fresh vegetables salad, can consider Jiacu, less salt. (3) eat fruit and other raw food, then eat cooked food, will not increase in white blood cells.

Fruit as a staple

Charges: causing the body lacks protein and other ingredients, nutritional imbalance, or even cause disease.

Punishment decisions: the first online look at your physique for what to eat can not eat anything.

Eating too fast

Charges: increase the burden on the stomach, leading to obesity. Eating too fast, the food is not adequately chewing is not conducive to the initial digestion of food and the mouth salivary amylase, increase the burden on the stomach to chew time is too short, the vagus nerve still over-excitement, over time, easy appetite, hyperactivity and obesity.

The decision on punishment: as much as possible so that the teeth and tongue move a little slower.

Drinking water shortage

Charges: brain aging; induced cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases; affect renal metabolic function.

The decision on punishment: drink plenty of water, ground to the toilet.

Consumption of excessive alcohol intake

Charges: large or regular drinking, the liver will occur alcoholism Erzhi inflammation, swelling, affecting the reproductive and urinary systems.

The decision on punishment: drink we have to first learn how to drink. From a health perspective, excellent drink red wine. The day after two o'clock in the afternoon drinking safer. Morning stomach enzymes break down alcohol - low concentration of alcohol dehydrogenase, drinking the same amount of alcohol, more easily absorbed than the afternoon, and cause greater damage to the liver, brain and other organs. In addition, fasting, before going to bed, cold or emotion should not be drinking. A 60 kg body weight per day to allow the amount of alcohol intake should be limited to less than 60 grams. Alcohol metabolism of alcohol occurs best side dish when pushed high in protein and contain vitamins and more food, do not use salted fish, sausage, bacon, drinks, such smoked and preserved foods containing a lot of pigment and nitrosamines reaction, not only liver injury and damage to the oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer

Postprandial smoking

Allegations: smoke a cigarette after a meal, poisoning, usually greater absorption of the sum of ten cigarettes. After a meal, the stomach and intestines to strengthen and accelerate blood circulation, then the ability of the body to absorb smoke into the "best state", the toxic substances in the smoke than usual, more easily enter the body.

The decision on punishment: total ban on smoking.

Insulation cup of tea

Allegations: about 80 ℃ water brewing tea is more appropriate, if a long time mug of tea soaked in hot water, just as with small fire boiling will destroy the tea vitamins, tea, sesame oil, a large number of volatile tannic acid, theophylline, a large number of exudation.

The decision on punishment: for the cup.

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