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Carriage of the pollen

By Seolncr Subscribe to RSS | March 27th 2012 | Views:

In Botany is called bestiality adaptation of flowering plants to ensure their pollination with the aid of animals. In this context is called vectors to animals for the carriage of the pollen.

Zoophilic plants have flowers or adaptive characters with particular traits, such as optical or olfactory features attractive to animal pollinators with which to keep a very specific times. Devices usually have claim to attract their pollinators (bright colors, flavors, etc..), Provide food ( nectar or pollen ), and sometimes mechanical systems to ensure sufficient contact with the anthers and stigma . Sometimes the flower attracts or retains the animals by deceit, no benefit to them. Among the plants abound zoophilic insect-pollinated (entomophilous) and birds (ornitófilas).

Depending on the taxon to which those vectors are distinguished special cases:

? Entomofilia . When the vectors are insects. This is the most common, making the term sometimes confused with bestiality.

? Pollination by Hymenoptera . More commonly called melittophily , that is pollinated by bees . Melittophylous flowers usually actinomorphic(radially symmetrical), with "signs of honey" in the claw of the petal, yellow or blue are the colors that bees can see well, with plenty of nectar.Others, however, are zygomorphic (bilateral symmetry) and legumes ( Fabaceae ) and mints ( Lamiaceae ). Sometimes in clusters that are well suited to methodical work of the bees.

? In other types of pollination by Hymenoptera Some orchids mimic a female bee or wasp in appearance and scent and are pollinated when they manage to fool a male of the species concerned and he tries to mate with them. This is one case of pollination in which the vector does not get any benefit in return for their action.

? Miofilia and sapromiofilia . Flowers emitting rotten odors or attract flies and fecal meat or similar looking to deposit their eggs. It is also a case of deception.

? Pollinated by Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths).

? Psicofilia . Vectors are ropalóceros ( butterflies daytime), the flowers are small and grouped in umbels or corymbs, or are large with a long tube to the bottom only butterflies, with its proboscis, can access.

? Falenofilia . Pollination by moths. Flowers often cream or pale yellow intensely fragrant, opening at night, like jasmine, honeysuckle and morning glories.

? Coleopterofilia or cantarofilia . Vectors are beetles and flowering plants actinoformas (radial symmetry) with abundant pollen and petals usually white, cream, yellow or red. It is the oldest type of bestiality and can be found outside the angiosperms , and which also appears in some gymnosperms group of cicadales that are pollinated by small beetles . Magnolias and Poppies are examples of pollination by beetles.

? Ornithophily . Pollination by birds such as hummingbirds or nectarínidos . Red flowers, the color most attractive to birds, and are typically ornitófilas narrow tube. In the Old World the Proteaceaeare often ornitófilas.

? Quiropterofilia . The Megachiroptera , often called flying foxes, are usually herbivores that consume fruit or pollen, usually seen in large flowers of numerous stamens with air brush. In the New World are common cactus pollinated by bats Microchiroptera . In both cases, the flowers are characterized by high production of nectar and pollen and robustness needed to support the weight of the bat while feeding.

There are less frequent examples of coadaptation with animals of other groups such as the relationship between variegated lemurs and Ravenala madagascariensis , the "traveler's tree". The man can also be considered a vector in the times when their flowers pollinated crops , where there are no natural means of delivery. This is the case of vanilla , a plant native to America but now widely cultivated in Southeast Asia .

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