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Solar Return in Astrology Overview and its Ascending Signs

By Jackson Swift Subscribe to RSS | April 11th 2012 | Views:

The Solar Return Chart

The solar return chart is the result of calculating that exact moment each year the date and time when your natal sun returns to the exact point or position it occupied at birth in the natal chart and is set in the place where you currently live. It will set up the major focus for the entire year with a unique chart that reflects the next 12 month time frame.

Importance of Solar Returns Chart

Gaining popularity by leaps and bounds due to its uncanny ability to pinpoint likely life experiences, the importance of this kind of horoscope chart is unique only to the individual to whom it applies.

It is believed that the exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. This is because it occurs only at one specific moment each year and it is at that moment and only that moment when the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. Because such a moment constitutes an "event" and in the same way as with all events; this one too had made the event as the basis for a horoscope of import.

Moreover, the quality of that "moment" that is the time of one's solar return will potentially become the "seed" of that annual cycle, which will be the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for that one-year cycle.

Solar returns charts can also be used to forecast the general outlook for the year ahead, and can be used as part of a whole spectrum of techniques that include transits, progressions, and directions.

It can also be used as a way to point out where the action is by its emphasis on certain houses and signs.

Solar Return Ascending Signs

During the time of your solar return, planets are positioned throughout the sky in a system known as "houses”, which are basically a 12-fold division of the sky as seen from the location of your solar return.

Each solar return has its own Ascendant sign which is usually different from the birth Ascendant of your natal chart.

Because the Ascendant in any chart depends on the clock time, this will make the time the Sun returns to the exact sign degrees as it was on the day you were born different each year.

The Solar Return Ascendant sign and its ruler will modify your natal Ascendant’s Sign coloring your personality, showing your overall temperament, attitude, and approach to life in the year ahead.

The 12 Ascending Signs

1.ARIES – This indicates a year of action, quick decisions, and increased physical energy as well as of opportunities, in that you will be more adventurous and will have the courage to make changes. Often, an interest in relationships and added financial responsibilities and new enterprises is present.

2.TAURUS – Domestic issues and finances such your financial, career and domestic situations will dominate the year. There will be also some need to consider physical appearance and pragmatic relationships with people in authority. There will be a need to be cautious as well as to control your stubborn willfulness. Career wise, heavy burdens and responsibilities can dominate this time.

3.GEMINI – This sign is accompanied by a head full of ideas and ever changing viewpoints. There will be travel and communication with family members and your social life may be very busy. Expect for an addition to the family, or more than one romantic partner.

4.CANCER – This year will be an emotionally sensitive time, but feelings are close to the surface and tempers may flare. There is a need for family security to be addressed and resolved.

5.LEO – This is a good time to be creative, have fun, or have children. However, you need to watch a tendency toward extravagance. With hard aspects predominant, you should take care that your relationship and career don’t founder due to an excessive search for pleasure.

6.VIRGO – This year, there will be a desire to change the type of work you do, and a discontent with the job in general and the people at work in particular. Because of job related stress, there will be an issue with your health. Presence of criticism from superiors may result in financial woes due to lost raises.

7.LIBRA – There is a possibly for legal issues surrounding relationships and business partnerships to arise. That’s why there will be a need to call for cooperation and persuasion rather than verbal aggression.

8.SCORPIO – This year, there will be intensely repressed feelings and emotional issues dominating. You will need to rely on your own inner resources and strength. This year is also not a good position for marriage and other personal relationships.

9.SAGITTARIUS – There will be opportunities that will arise to make or spend money, as well as risky investments which could be undertaken because of an over confident and optimistic attitude. A strong restlessness will be felt, so travel and other expressions of mental freedom are high on the list of priorities.

10.CAPRICORN – There is a possibility for you to encounter personal restrictions and heavy responsibilities. In all likelihood, there will also be changes in the career, and any opportunities that come along should be taken. This year is a good time to tend to personal affairs rather than career responsibilities.

11.AQUARIUS – There will be a very strong need to detach from the usual social conventions and do your own thing. You need to focus your personal relationships; otherwise they are likely to founder. You should also take care not to spend all your time and money on humanitarian ideals or travel.

12.PISCES – This year, your intuition and feelings will play larger parts than logic and reason. This will indicate for a wonderful romance, or hard times and confrontation over money. You should also spend time on the arts and other creative pursuits.

Jackson Swift - About Author:
Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers insightful psychic reading services, with a variety of psychics profiles and free psychic readings by phone via telephone or webcam.

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