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Numbers of Love and Relationship in Numerology

By Jackson Swift Subscribe to RSS | February 20th 2012 | Views:

Numerology plays a role in love and relationships.

It is believed that everything can be reduced to a number and every number has an energetic ‘personality’.

Basically, numerology is the study of numbers and their influences on us. It is all about symbolism and about certain defined energy flows, cycles and patterns.

With your birth date and the letters of your name, using basic techniques, it is possible thru numerology to determine what type of person you are and what paths you might take in your lifetime.

With the advent of advanced internet innovations and its integration to numerology, many people have become fascinated with online numerology and numerology reports.

It is popularly known that numerology has a unique method for determining numerology love and relationships and compatibility. Relationships have been known to be a most intriguing area in a person’s life that is difficult to navigate if we let ourselves or our limitations get in the way.

However, using numerology, you will be able to grasp a better understanding of our emotional and spiritual makeup, and the issues that arise about relationships determine whether you and your partner have a natural compatibility or not. By using your date of birth, you can determine to whom you have a natural affinity with by identifying who is in harmony with your numerology love compatibility.

Likewise, particularly thru your Soul Number, it can help you to be aware of your needs, as well as your partner’s needs, in any relationship. The Soul Number can also help to illustrate the basic stance, or nature, from which each person most often takes in his/her life.

Numbers of Love and Relationship

Number 1. This number is mental in nature. This person is said to be independent, pioneering, and headstrong as this is the number which rules beginnings. The person with this number needs to be an individual and has personal space. They might feel a little impatient with their lover, so a quiet time away from the relationship can be very important. If you are pursuing someone, it may take a longer time than you’d like to establish the connection. Number 1 individuals can be very determined and will freely take initiatives – so make certain that you observe your lover so as not to overwhelm them.

Number 2.This number is emotional in nature. This number is the symbol of relationships, unity, diplomacy, and a love of peace. So, number 2 individuals naturally consider relationships particularly important. As a number 2, the search for harmony is taken at all costs so you’ll need cooperation and peace and listen to your lover and seek to take care of them, wanting to fulfill their needs and make them happy. Number 2s are sensitive and need balance in their life. They need to watch out that you don’t lose touch with your own needs in your relationships.

Number 3. This number is physical in nature. Number 3 individuals thrive on creative expression, drama, writing, and speaking. So, they need someone to be creative with. In romantic relationships for Number 3s, there will need to be independent and room for their social life. Likewise, Number 3s can be very persuasive, and have a warmth and outgoing nature that will attract friends, lovers, and happiness.

Number 4. This number is practical in nature. Number 4 individuals need stability and security above all else, more so in their relationship life. The foundation builder, the hard worker, Number 4s will want to put down roots; thus, making commitments in relationships is relatively easily. Number 4s also crave hard work and the emotional stability which comes from family roots. As long as you have established clear boundaries with those you love, your relationships will be solid and long lasting.

Number 5. This number is mental and practical in nature. Because Number 5s needs to feel free, creative, and unrestricted, they need to find others who enjoy learning, exploring, and inventing. Number 5 individuals are magnetic, energetic, and restless; thus, staying still for any length of time may be troublesome for these people. As Number 5s, you live for change, freedom, adventure and will love to break boundaries – which clearly entails some enormous implications for your love life!

Number 6. This number is emotional in nature. Number 6s takes responsibility and duty and protection of the family as high on their list of priorities. A nurturer, Number 6s considers family and home as central to their sense of identity and security.

Number 7. This number is emotional and spiritual in nature. Ruled by one of the most mystical numbers, Number 7s need personal space as they need periods of introspection and solitude. If in a committed relationship, you must express this openly with your partner, for both your sakes.

Number 8. This number is practical in nature. The number of ambition, business drive and achievement, Number 8s are heading towards being the boss, the expert, the authority, and the drive for authenticity and personal power is one you can’t resist. Number 8 individuals need someone who is spirited, fun loving, and outgoing.

Number 9. This number is spiritual, physical and mental in nature. Number 9s are intuitive, emotional, and compassionate, deepening and strengthening your relationships. They need someone who is loyal, honest, and dedicated.

Jackson Swift - About Author:
Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers phone psychics readings, daily horoscope services.

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