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List of Astrology Terms and Phrase and their Definition

By Jackson Swift Subscribe to RSS | June 4th 2012 | Views:

Full of astrology signs and symbols, diagrams and illustrations, calculations and mystery. These symbolic language and illustrations are expressed in astrological terms that are bound in mystery for ordinary people, making it both exciting and confusing.

So, to help you along your spiritual progression path, here is a quick list of some of the astrological terms and their meaning.

Astrological Terms and their Meaning

12 Astrology Sign

1.Aries – the planetary ruler of Mars. Associated with 1st House. The Cardinal Fire sign with traits of being pioneering, direct, courageous, fast, enthusiastic, on the move, willful, flirtatious, youthful.

2.Aquarius – the planetary rulers of Uranus (modern) and Saturn (traditional). Associated with 11th House. The Fixed air sign with traits of being rebellious, unique, independent, eccentric, detached, thinking outside the box.

3.Cancer – the planetary ruler of the Moon. Associated with 4th House. The Cardinal Water sign with traits of being nurturing, intuitive, feeling, caring, heartfelt, protective, family/home oriented.

4.Capricorn – the planetary ruler of Saturn. Associated with 10th House. The Cardinal Earth sign with traits of being structured, cautious, responsible, leader/authority, realistic, serious, ambitious, logical.

5.Gemini – the planetary ruler of Mercury. Associated with 3rd House. The Mutable Air sign with traits of being communicative, talkative, collector, changeable, intellectual, informative, friendly, cheerful.

6.Leo – the planetary ruler of the Sun. Associated with 5th House. The Fixed Fire sign with traits of being passionate, strong willed, enthusiastic, stubborn, optimistic, loyal, idealistic, creative, dramatic, and charismatic.

7.Libra – the planetary ruler of Venus. Associated with 7th House. The Cardinal Air sign with traits of being people oriented, interactive; values beauty and harmony; peace-makers (or war-makers), strategists.

8.Pisces – the planetary rulers of Neptune (modern) and Jupiter (traditional). Associated with 12th House. The Mutable Water sign with traits of being creative, artistic, dreamy, non-rational, intuitive, changeable, feeling, private, compassionate, sensitive.

9.Sagittarius – the planetary ruler of Jupiter. Associated with 9th House. The Mutable Fire sign with traits of being inspired/inspiring, truth-seeking, philosophical, optimistic, seeking meaning, looks at the Big Picture.

10.Scorpio – the planetary rulers of Pluto (modern) and Mars (traditional). Associated with 8th House. The Fixed Water sign with traits of being intense, mysterious, secretive, transformative, blunt, loyal, stubborn, feeling, creative, private, seductive.

11.Taurus – the planetary ruler of Venus. Associated with 2nd House. The Fixed Earth sign with traits of being methodical, careful, down-to-earth, dependable, pragmatic, stubborn, possessive, tangible, persistent.

12.Virgo – the planetary ruler of Mercury. Associated with 6th House. The Mutable Earth sign with traits of being analytical, practical, adaptable, realistic, perfectionist, precise, rational, detail oriented, health oriented.

3 Modalities

Cardinal signs – are the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn bearing the traits of being goal-oriented, purposeful, ambitious, leadership, self-starting, opportunistic, restless when not focused on ambitions.

Fixed signs – are the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius bearing the traits of being concentrated, tenacious, inertia, endurance, persistent, stubborn, loyal, anchored, determined, charismatic, proud.

Mutable signs – are the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces bearing the traits of being changeable, flexible, adaptable, synthesis, versatile, impressionable, vacillating, restless, fluid, unstructured.

4 Primary Angles

Ascendant - also known as the rising sign. It is the easternmost or sunrise point where the ecliptic and horizon intersect at the moment of birth, with respect to the place of birth. It is also the sign on the cusp (starting point) of the 1st House in the natal chart.

Descendant – the sign opposite your rising sign. This sign forms the cusp (starting point) of the 7th House of close relationships, marriage and partnerships.

Imum Coeli or IC– means "bottom of the heavens". This is the lowest point in the sky (nadir) that a planet can travel relative to the horizon. It forms the cusp (starting point) of the 4th House of ancestral roots, family (especially your family-of-origin), home and the foundation of your life.

Midheaven or MC – the highest point in the sky (zenith), corresponding to the geographic meridian running through the location of the chart at place of birth. It forms the cusp (starting point) of the 10th House.

Other Important Astrological Terms

astrology sign - also known as the First Point of Aries. These are the the twelve 30º sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox (one of the intersections of the ecliptic with the celestial equator).

cusp – the dividing line between houses (see definition) in a birth chart.

ephemeris –m is an astronomical almanac. It gives the daily positions (or movements) of the planets.

horoscope - a chart or diagram that is used to represent the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, the astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth.

houses – the series of twelve divisions of the plane of the ecliptic.

natal chart – is a kind of horoscope drawn for a person's birth to map of one's life. Also known as a birth chart.

planetary rulers – the planet that rules each sign

plane of the ecliptic – the orbits of the earth and the sun.

zodiac – also known as "circle of animals". It is a circle of 360 degrees, divided into 12 equal sectors of 30 degrees each that are the astrology signs.

Jackson Swift - About Author:
Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers free zodiac signs readings, freeonline psychics advice or tarot card reading.

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