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Unique features of Human Brain differentiates him from Other Creatures

By Annphilip Subscribe to RSS | December 26th 2011 | Views:

God created man in his own image and he became superior to other creatures. Whether the Bible is trying to give an impression that man is similar to God in physical appearance or does it refer to the ability of humans to be creative. Researchers have different viewpoints on this topic. If we know something about evolutionary biology, then we will say humans have evolved from apes. Meanwhile, scientific researches on this topic indicates that humans in comparison with our "evolutionary relatives" have got unique features such as creativity, individuality, conceptual thinking, and ethical judgment.

According to Charles Darwin, the first evolutionary biologist and the originator of the concept of natural selection, there is no fundamental difference between a man and a higher mammal in their mental faculties. To explain his findings, he cited various examples which showed that animals that could not learn would be killed off by natural selection. That means the theory 'survival of the fittest' is true, because only that gene which could survive in the natural conditions would remain in the gene pool and that survived species will improve their intelligence in a gradual manner as time passes, in a manner similar to human evolution.

Many people won't accept Darwin's theories as they've got the opinion that man is capable of being superior to any intelligent instrument or creature, since he is not limited to functioning only with logical thinking, reasoning and intelligence, thus allowing boundless mental creativity and ability to construct things as he wants. For those people, humans are highly developed in the areas of thought, self-awareness and eloquence other than their ability to use different languages. So they consider human beings as the most complex and intelligent animals on the earth.

An adult human brain's size is nearly 1350 cubic centimers and there is an ongoing debate on the effective use of the brain size and its relationship with intelligence quotient, or IQ. Some theories state that brain enlargement leads to an increase in neuronal connections. In their opinion, the number of brain cells remains relatively constant across most of the species, but what make one's brain significant over other species is the degree of interconnection as well as the complexity of the neuronal networks.

In evolutionary terms, the human brain is probably the most complex structure in the universe. It consists of grey matter and white matter. Gray matter includes brain's nerve cells called neurons. These neurons, which will be around billions in number, transmit and receive electrochemical signals that communicate through a network of nerve fibers called dendrites and axons, brains white matter. Neurons pass signals with the help of neurotransmitter and neuromodulator chemicals, like glutamate, dopamine, serotonin , noradrenalin etc. Deficiency in any of these chemicals could lead to certain diseases. For example, deficiency of dopamine will lead to Parkinson's disease, while the scarcity of serotonin can lead to Alzheimer's disease.

Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, and it forms 85% of the organ's weight. Meanwhile, the cerebellum, which is situated beneath the cerebrum, is the second largest part of the brain.Cerebellum is responsible for coordinating muscle movement and controlling body balance. Meanwhile, basic functions like breathing, blood pressure regulation and heart rate control are done by the brain stem, the lower extension of the brain. Watching programs related to anatomy, physiology and psychological features of the human body, especially brain will be a very good experience. Channels from providers like Dish TV are airing many fascinating programs related to this.

In conclusion, human creation "in the image of God" is not only restricted to its external features. Man's ability to think in an appropriate way, express his views, speak different languages and capability to make right judgments distinguish it from other creatures. If we want to call these as super qualities, then of course we are superior to others.

Annphilip - About Author:
Ann is a writer. She likes to collect information related to biological, physiological and psychological behaviors of different creatures on the earth. To get data related to this, she travels to a lot of places, reads books and watches shows on her television powered by Dish TV.

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