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Find One Good Reason to Stop Smoking and You Will Stay Away from Cigarettes for Ever

By Nathan Brown T Subscribe to RSS | December 16th 2011 | Views:

Smoking cigarettes is the single biggest killer. Excuse me if I am repeating what mankind knows already. But the message, it appears, is taking is nowhere. Advertisements eulogize smoking, and depict them in a positive sense go unnoticed and unabated. In many countries legislations make it almost impossible to establish new brands, but cigarettes continue to be sold in huge volumes. In fact, if we go by statistics, it should be apparent that sales volumes are growing exponentially. Name almost any common diseases or ailments and chances are that you will find cigarettes behind them as one of the main reasons.

There are many ways in which a person can quit smoking altogether, but the will to stop is holding many of them back. Doctors will normally recommend smokers to stop this nasty habit gradually, but that hardly helps anyone, because, the doctors will say, it can cause withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are issues that are manageable through prudent medication, remember. So why not try to quit smoking on the day you decide to stop smoking?

Everyone of us procrastinate doing the good things in life, the reason being, we are almost all the time able to find a good reason for procrastinating. So why not find a good reason to stop smoking altogether rather than trying to learn more about the ill effects of smoking? It can do the smoker a lot good than one can imagine! You will feel better, your health would have improved, you will be more acceptable socially and most important of all, you will have helped the countless victims who bear the brunt from passive smoking.

If you thought that finding the good reasons to quit smoking is a Himalayan task, then you are missing out on some of the most obvious. Here are some to remind you:

a. Heart attacks are often traced to smoking, and if you are genetically prone to heart ailments then this should be ranked high on the list of reasons to give up smoking. Besides the heart attack, the agony you go through until the D-day comes can be devastating just as much for you as for your family. Why not consider your family ahead of the small pleasure that one derives from smoking?

b. Your heart is not the only organ that gets affected, your lungs, kidneys, simply name anyone of the body organs and you will know why quitting smoking can help. By quitting you help yourself to maintain your body fit. That means you will no longer gasp for breadth when you climb stairs or walk long distances. You will even feel more alert than before.

c. Smoking can alter the ways you begin to age. The nicotine in the cigarettes is capable of altering the way your body produces the hormones. High levels of nicotine in your blood can hinder production of hormones that keep your skin glowing and look younger. A right combination of hormones can keep your skin free from wrinkles believe me, even past your 70’s, and won’t you love that!

d. The moment you quit smoking you will see the difference in the energy levels within your body, especially during the mornings. That will let you peruse a sport you have left behind during the days you were in your school. It will let you play football, tennis… anything that is physically challenging. That way you will be setting a good example to your children and your spouse. You will even see your children performing well than ever before at their studies. Should that not be a good reason to quit smoking, at least for the sake of your children?

e. Finally, if everything has failed, sit down to calculate the money you have spent all these days on cigarette, let the calculation be from the day you started smoking. Even a moderate smoker would have spent in thousands of dollars, and that I hope will make you quit smoking for good.

One of the ways you can learn about quitting smoking is to watch some good health programs on TV, like I do on my Dish TV connection. There are many health-related channels that will help you get out of the smoking habit.

Nathan Brown T - About Author:
Nathan Brown is a freelance writer and likes to write about technology, health and fitness. Quitting smoking is essential to lead a healthy life and also avoids the risk of getting cancer. Health shows by many channels on TV services like Dish TV help you with tips to maintain good health.

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