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Do These 6 Things You Lose the Belly Bulge

By Yyfq66 Subscribe to RSS | April 15th 2012 | Views:

How can I lose the belly bulge of grief? A lot of girls, especially the workers after the 25-year-old waist easy fat hoarding. There are many causes of waist fat, in addition to congenital and acquired obesity, not enough good habits and day-to-day posture will be growth promoting thick waist. Long-term sitting, lack of exercise, poor diet and so make the waist fat accumulation. Just do the following six things, you can make your life to say goodbye to the bucket back!

The first thing: oil 1 tsp

Be sure to resist the temptation of the mouth, diet is the best way to solve this embarrassing problem. As far as possible to eat foods high in fat content, such as cream cakes, chocolate, ice cream and french fries potato chips, Do not connive at the mouth and stomach, loose lips also applies here.

Control diet too strict will affect their health, resulting in the lack of body of some trace elements and nutrients, so you can eat more fish and shellfish, as well as beans and cereals to supplement the necessary nutrients. Tightly when cooking with olive oil and sesame oil instead of salad oil, always implement the principle of a meal, 1 tsp of oil, able to control the fat intake.

The second thing: Fat Burning "little tricks"

Fat accumulation in the lower body is very stubborn, and is easier to go slower, so to take preventive measures to control the fat intake, usually have to pay attention. Of course, one good way is to take more exercise to burn off excess fat, more movement of the hips and legs will have a good thin waist effect. Try to say goodbye to the elevator back to the stair climbing times, doing yoga or stretching exercises, lower body muscle exercise was compact, Man Yao came back.

The third thing: anti-fat

Office workers or students every day, sitting in a chair, a long period of doing very vulnerable to the accumulation of abdominal fat, when you need to form good habits, correct posture, abdomen and chest, will be able to subtract some of the accumulation fat in the abdomen. Always remind the chest, abdominal, Zhi Yao, sitting, such as hanging bell, even if it is not always keep the verses do, are likely to minus 2 pounds or more burdensome fat from the stomach.

Fourth thing: sleep away the remaining heat

A busy day down on the bed directly want to sleep, this time to develop a good habit to do some small movement of the thin waist, not only can lose weight, you can also promote sleep, can sleep after the finish.

There are three such small movement, you can choose one or every one to try: the body lying on the ground, his hands held onto the ears, but do not your head. Knees bent, lift your feet, thighs and abdomen angle less than 90 degrees. Abdominal strength, upper body slowly raised, try to keep the leg fixed, repeated 15-20 times, or the body lying on the ground, hands flat at your sides, knees bent feet mention. Waist force to drive the legs right, the regression situ and then to the left.

Feel boring when the body lying on the ground, sole, my eyes, hips, lift force, slowly. Hip height and spine into a straight line, repeated 2O times a day 1-3 group.

Fifth thing: do not love tea also drink tea

Develop the good habit of drinking tea, a lot of tea ingredients on his stomach, the more we drink his stomach will be the smaller. Recommend two less abdominal tea.

Lotus, lotus leaf and lotus tea made from the decomposition of fat, eliminate constipation, but also acts as a diuretic and to prevent age-related diseases. Lotus leaf tea has no side effects, long-term drinking. Note: lotus leaf tea bubble concentration, and drink the first brew of tea, the second bubble basically had no effect. Constipation day drink 4 packs four times fasting finished, will be able to open. Lotus leaf tea is also characterized by: long-term drinking, they will prefer the light and not eat greasy food.

Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, rich in iron, calcium, trace elements, containing the ingredients to promote digestive enzymes break down fat, burn body fat, not only can not yet absorbed by the body fat to be excreted directly, but also the prevention of fat absorption lead to disease, have a good effect in terms of anti-tumor, blood fat, anti-aging.

Sixth thing: do not also need water, thirsty

Must remember that eight glasses of water a day, drink stimulating beverages, is one of the most effective way to guarantee healthy slim. A cup of white water, light honey and water in the morning before eating breakfast or add cellulose water, it can accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities for small pot appear.

Thirsty the body to replenish moisture. The body of water will reduce the level of metabolism. The water in the coffee and other beverages because of the role of caffeine in the absorption process lost more than half, so we can not completely rely on coffee and drinks to supplement the water.

Weight loss can not be done overnight, and perseverance. To implement such as a weight-loss process, such as exercise, diet as a daily habit, even lose weight to see results, but also the weight loss experience into the habits stick, to avoid rebound to consolidate the struggle the outcome.

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