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What Working out Can Do for You in Terms of Human Growth Hormone Creation

By Milo Subscribe to RSS | February 24th 2012 | Views:

What makes working out so significant in our' lives? It seems like the logical answer is that exercising keeps you healthy in general. The real question is why does it keep us healthy? Yes, it does build muscle by actually breaking your muscle down to be able to build it back stronger. It keeps you in better physical shape. But, what are the reasons that it does this? Exercise actually takes your brain, more specifically your pituitary gland, to create and send out more Human Growth Hormone. The only other time that our bodies produce ample amounts of Growth Hormone is when we are asleep, which answers the question of why babies sleep and grow so much.

I recommend you research more about Human Growth Hormone if this is the first time you have ever heard about it. Your body is producing great amounts of HGH through your teen years. However, it starts to decline relatively rapidly after that, causing signs of aging, like wrinkles and serious health conditions like dementia. The growth and maintenance of bones and muscles are also controlled by Growth Hormone in your body. You have heard that building muscle when you get older is harder, right? That statement is completely true, since your body is producing less and less HGH!

Any kind of exercise will be good for your body. However, some types of exercise are definitely better for the creation of HGH as compared to others. Jogging long distances every day, or any other form of endurance training, isn't the best choice for Growth Hormone production. The mistake that many people make is thinking that cardio is the only form of endurance training. You can perform endurance training with weights as well, which is something that you will want to avoid for this purpose.

If you are working out strictly for HGH production, intense interval training is the way to go. Instead of jogging for 5 miles, you can shorten the length to one or two miles and do intervals, meaning short periods of sprinting followed by periods of walking. You can do this type of training outside, on a treadmill, on a bike, on a row machine, or even with weights. The point of interval training is to have short intervals of maximum push, like sprinting, following be rest periods, like walking. This same patten is used throughout the workout, with less rest periods being more effective. If you don't know how to construct a training program like this, just do a quick search on your favorite search engine and find one.

There is no doubt that exercise helps your body produce more HGH. However, if you want to maximize your HGH potential, I recommend that you look into Human Growth Hormone supplements, for that added boost. While Human Growth Hormone injections are obviously the most effective version of Growth Hormone, you need a prescription. You can buy homeopathic HGH over the counter and it will show some great results, no matter what your health goals are. I would stay away from Growth Hormone stimulators, which are really just overpriced amino acid blends that don't do much for HGH levels at all. I wish you the best of luck with raising your Growth Hormone levels with exercise and supplements!

Milo - About Author:
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