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The Strong Legged Creatures that Inhabit Africa

By Robin Mackenzie Subscribe to RSS | March 5th 2012 | Views:

Let’s explore the world of giraffes and try to understand more about these amazing creatures. It’s wonderful to marvel at the creations of God. Watching these gigantic giraffes stroll in the forests is a visual treat. It has to be agreed without doubt that they are the tallest of all the living mammals and have the longest possible necks and legs which any possible animal on this earth could have. They are found in Africa. They love to roam in both open plains and thick forests. You can see them in Central and South Africa. They actually love living in areas where a lot of acacia trees are found.

An interesting fact is that the giraffe’s legs are that they are so tall that even human beings appear small when merely compared with their legs. Their legs are around 6 feet tall and one powerful kick is enough to kill a lion. They have a distinct patchwork pattern and it is evenly spread all over their body except for their lower belly. Each giraffe has a unique pattern of patches. They run with the speed of 56 km an hour. Their long neck has around 7 vertebrae. Although this is the same number for all other mammals, giraffes have a lengthy vertebrae and it is very much elongated when compared to the vertebrae of other animals. They enjoy eating small tender leaves but they also eat grass and other plant matter. When it comes to their favorite meal, there is nothing to beat the crown leaves of Acacia trees.

Some of their body parts which are major contributors of their unique appearance are their long tongue, large eyes, unusually long ears and tufted tails. When compared to females, males are larger. They have short horns which are also called as ossicones. This is one feature which helps distinguishing males from females. Females generally have a tuft of hair on the top of ossicones where as in males it is not present. They are active in the mornings and become less active during the second half of the day. They generally drink around 10 gallons of water every day. But it’s not necessary that they always drink water. When they sense danger or any kind of suspicions, drinking water is avoided.

The young male giraffes usually form a bachelor group and the fully grown mature ones are usually alone. Young males often engage in neck wrestling and fight with each other for defence. Even their horns get worn out when they fight with each other. Did you know that there are even white giraffes which are found in South Africa? But they are extremely rare and hard to find. Giraffes are the only ruminants which have a gestation period of more than one year. I think the heart of the giraffe is probably the strongest organ because it has to pump blood through the long neck in order to reach the brain. The heart weighs around 10 kg and it performs the herculean task of pumping blood to the brain of the giraffe. But there is also a risk factor involved in it. Because of the extremely high flow of blood, it so happens that a giraffe might be seriously in trouble while it lowers its neck.

In order to tackle this issue, there is a pressure regulating system known as the rete mirabile which controls the blood that forces itself to the brain of the giraffe when it bends down its neck. They have longer forelegs when compared to the hind legs and then bend them when they have to drink water. It’s a pleasure to watch these animals on television from ATT U-verse Deals.

Robin Mackenzie - About Author:
Robin Mackenzie is a freelancer. She likes to write about Wild life especially mammals such as giraffes. She spends a lot of time watching programs about wild life on her television that are offered by ATT U-verse Deals

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