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Beginners French Lessons to Get You Started with Learning French

By Bindas Bol Foreign Language Institute Subscribe to RSS | December 23rd 2011 | Views:

Differences and similarities that French Beginners must know between English and French as a language: French beginners must know basic French similarities differences from that of English. French and English are related languages in a sense, because French is a Latin language with English influence. There are some similarities between English and French languages - most notably the same alphabet and a number of true cognates. However, there are a number of differences, both major and minor, between French and English. For example, “accents” like “é” or “ù“are used in French language for many words whereas in English language they are used only in foreign words. Gender in French is used for all nouns and most pronouns whereas in English only for personal pronouns.

French for beginners French lessons one the alphabets: The French alphabet has the same 26 letters as the English alphabet, but they are pronounced differently. Lets us see the alphabets pronunciations for the French beginners:

A – a, B – beh, C – she, D- deh, E- uh, F- eff, G- zheh, H – ahsh, I – ee, J – zhee, K- kah, L- ell, M- em, N- en, O - oh, P – peh, Q – koo, R – air, S – ess, T – the, U – ooh, V – veh, W - doo-blah-veh, X – eeks, Y - ee-grek, z –zed.

French for beginners French lessons Two the the Vowels: A vowel is a sound that is pronounced through the mouth with no obstruction of the lips, tongue, or throat. For French language Beginners there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when pronouncing French vowels. Most French vowels are pronounced further forward in the mouth than their English counterparts. The tongue must remain tensed throughout the pronunciation of the vowel. Vowels in French can have accent marks; except for "e", this doesn't usually change the sound. For Example:

a, à, â like "a" in "father"

e like "a" in "about"

é like "ay" in "say"

ê like "e" in "set"

è like "e" in "set"

i, î like "ee" in "feed"

o, o, ô, au, eau like "oa" in "boat" or "aw" in "law"

ou like "oo" in "food", but a pure vowel

u, ù more or less like "oo" in "food", but the tongue is like "ee" in "feed"; written uu in transcriptions

y like "ee" in "feed"

French for beginners French lessons three the Numbers: French numbers are quite simple to learn for French beginners. The pronunciation of French Numbers is very straightforward. French numbers build on each in almost the same way that they do in English. Therefore, once you get to ten, it is fairly simple. The key to the pronunciation of French numbers is to master the lowest numbers first because they are the building blocks. Here’s a look at the numbers from 0 to 10 with its French pronunciations in brackets:

0 zéro (zay-roh), 1 un (ahn), 2 deux (duhr), 3 trois (twah), 4 quatre (katr), 5 cinq (sank), 6 six (seese),

7 sept (set), 8 huit (wheet), 9 neuf (nurf), 10 dix (deese).

Learn complete numbers up to 100 and more at our basic French tutorial for French beginners.

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