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What is the Reason for the Lip-Locking of the Kissing Gouramis?

By Cody Subscribe to RSS | March 12th 2012 | Views:

Gouramis, native of the Asian countries, are freshwater fish that are among the most loved fish pets in the world. They are gifted with a unique lung-like tiny organ with which they can breathe fresh oxygen even from the air. This allows the Gouramis to thrive well even in shallow water areas where the oxygen content is quite poor. There are heaps of species of Gourami fish in the world. One such popular species of the Gourami fish is the kissing gourami that is also referred by common names such as kishing fish and kisser.

The kissing gouramis are capable of growing to a length (from left to right) of up to 12 inches. However, majority of them found in the aquarium are smaller than the specified length. One way to distinguish a male gourami from a female is by looking at the size of the both, wherein the female fish are heavier than the male fish. The kissing gouramis can be found in two different colors, that is, silvery green or gray to fleshy pink. I’m sure most of you would have seen them at least on channels like Animal Planet using any of the popular cable services such as Cox Cable. The green colored gouramis are called as green kissers and have a slightly distinguished appearance from the other species of gouramis.

Do Kissing gouramis really Kiss each other?

The kissing gouramis, in scientific terms called as Helostoma temminckii, are very often noticed giving lip-locks with the member fish of the same species. Sometimes, they are also seen kissing other species of fish, the aquatic plants, and other things in the fish tank. They do so frequently while they are feeding. The peculiar act of a fish exhibiting the common emotional of the human characteristics, that is, kissing, it sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? What could be the reason for it? Is there really any purpose for this act of the fish that is the commonest fish pets in Thailand? Let us find out by reading the following write-up.

Kissing gouramis have fleshy, sulking pair of lips that is one of the noticeable characteristics of them. Unlike the other species of gouramis, the kisser fish has a mouth that can be extended or protruded. As a matter of fact, the scientific name of Helostomatidae is purely derived from this peculiar act of lip-locking. Though the act of kissing or lip-locking of the Kissing gouramis appears as if they are kissing, it is not really the case. They don’t express their love and affection for each other by doing so. Studies and extensive observation of the behavior of these fish by the aquatic experts have revealed that the kissing gouramis lip-lock with each other only to display their dominance. This usually happens between the male fish as each one tries to prevent the other from entering its territory or causing trouble to its pair. During the breeding season, the male fish fight with each other by aggressively lip-locking just to prove their superiority and catch the attraction of the female fish.

Another common myth is that, the kissing gouramis are kissing each other. It is to be noted that they don’t kiss other; they only try to break each other’s jaw by using all their physical strength. The fish that gets injured will not be able to eat food once its jaw is injured. Thus, the fish will die of starvation. However, it is very rare that these fish get injured to that extent. The older kissing gouramis however stay away from indulging in such fights. It is this popular act of lip-locking that has caught the attention of fish lovers all over the world. If you are really interested in growing the kissing gouramis at home, then you may consult the aquarium people and know more about their characteristics and habits.

Cody - About Author:
Cody is a freelance writer and blogger. He writes on a wide range of topics encompassing entertainment, technology, environment, health, pets and self improvement. He enjoys his free time watching TV programs on his favorite channels with his cable connection powered by Cox Cable.

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