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Some Intriguing Facts About Psychic Telekinesis

By Yuri Romanov Subscribe to RSS | June 4th 2012 | Views:

There are already many people who believe in psychics and psychic readings. In fact, their popularity has become more widespread over the years that there are already psychic telephone services, readings online, and readings by SMS text messages.

However, if we raise the word psychokinesis, many people might also raise an eyebrow. It cannot be denied that there are already so many people who have claimed to have done this but have been caught just playing tricks. We often see on television people who, with just a blink of eye of a wink of the eyebrows, can move things or make them fly. It may be believable in movies. But are they believable in real life?

First of all, psychokinesis comes from the words “psyche”, which means mind, soul, heart, or breath, and kinesis, which means movement. To sum it up, it simply means mind movement and is otherwise known as telekinesis. The term was coined by Henry Holt pertaining to the influence that the mind has on a physical system. An example of this is when someone is able to move an object like a book without actually having to touch or push it. Another example is when a person is able to control the output of a random number generator.

Psychokinesis sounds like a nice power to have. However, it is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it may well be considered the most difficult fancy psychic ability to master. The skills needed go beyond those of master psychics. If teleportation is almost impossible, then psychokinesis is even more difficult to do.

Some points to remember about psychokinesis.

1. To have a moderate form of psychokinesis, it may help to think of the attraction and repulsion concepts. One has to mingle with the psychic energies around and try to change the quality of such energies. And by doing so, one is able to create new movements.

2. To have controlled physical psychokinesis, one has to have the ability of balanced focus. This surely sounds impossible but is actually possible. However, it will be a very difficult task.

3. The uncontrolled physical psychokinesis is the one that is closest to becoming a reality. This is because if there is too much energy that is vent up in the body, sooner or later it will have to explode. Likewise, if there is enough, unwilling telekinesis may occur. The key here is to learn first the basic and most simple before jumping into deep waters.

Psychokinesis has been studied and that research says there’s very little evidence of it. This may be true but it may probably be because it is just too difficult to do. If much practice, research, reading, and coaching is done, there is a possibility for it to be achieved. But definitely, the process would take a while and much energy from the person. Anyway, it is always worth a try.

Psychickinesis has not been proven fully by science, but there are many people who attest that it is true and it is now an accepted supernatural ocurrence within psychic phenomena.

Yuri Romanov - About Author:
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