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The Big Bang - the theory of our very existence

By Roy Fernandez Subscribe to RSS | March 16th 2012 | Views:

In what is now ‘classical’ Big Bang theory, there was no time or point to be ‘special’. It was all there is. It didn't explode-and-then; it did and IS exploding and we are now still in - literally on the inside - and part of that explosion. There was no time and no space before the bang. Nothing to imagine about, the when or where, not even the why or the how. From that metaphysical stance it was a complete and adequate theory.

But things have moved on a bit since then; near complete confirmation of dark matter, and dark energy, CMBR variation adding confirmation and detail to the inflation hypothesis (the universe expanded at superluminal speeds early on). Laboratory verification of free space energy. A growing number of theories that agree with observations within our universe and strongly hint at multiverse.

The current accepted view is an inflationary origin. Inflation theory says it can happen in any aggregate of space and time and matter. A collection of matter in extended space goes "pop" (with a probability of inverse super huge astronomical numbers) and a new universe comes into being in that inflationary nexus. The rules may be different. The mass of the "new" universe may be less, greater, or more than the original mass collection that inflated. The dimensionalities may be slightly or hugely different. The circumstances of the predicate universe influence but do not necessarily constrain the daughter universe. The dimensionalities of daughter universes (and even other universes) may (or not!) overlap with interesting affects. From within the daughter universe, because it is inflating, it will look after the fact, like a point origin (a big bang) and from the dimensional structure of the daughter it very well could be a single particle in the parent universe.

This is all pretty vague in words, but there are several competing mathematical theories which follow roughly these lines and give various results in line with them. There are suggestions from the Cosmic Background Radiation maps of at least three regions of the universe that are sufficiently different that they may be overlaps from a predicate or sibling universe.

In any event the dimensions of the parent may be wildly different. There may be no time like dimensions or several. Our time in this universe is dependent upon the dimensionality of this universe. In essence it began 13-14 billion years ago and there was no time contiguous with our time before that. Whether the parent had time or not doesn't make a difference so long as there are mathematically distinguishable dimensions. Our time began 13-14 billion years ago and it makes no sense to talk about "before", only "predicate" and very little at that because there is little we can know about it. Some of the math would accept the parent being an inflationary daughter of this universe or any other topology. In the predicate our universe may be a virtual particle, a black hole, somebody's toe nail clipping, or just a region of space that in super-astronomical numbers decided "here and now" for there and then to pop.

You should be getting the notion that it makes less and less sense to talk about these things in anything but abstruse mathematics. That's exactly right: as we move away from mundane experience - can you get any farther? - ideas and words from them are less and less meaningful.

From studying the history of the universe, it is very clear that some amazingly unique things had to happen for us to exist (e.g., extinction of the dinosaurs, supernovae populating our solar nebula with elements larger than Li, etc.). And relish the fact that we are amazingly lucky enough not only to witness the physical world but to have some understanding about how we got here. You only make the problem more complex by adding the supernatural, because you then have to explain how the enlightened being came to be.

If you are interested about the origins of the universe or place in here, the local library or even better, high speed internet connections like Xfinity Internet are your best source of information.

Roy Fernandez - About Author:
Roy Fernandez is a freelancer and an active blogger, he enjoys writing about science and popular high speed ISPs through which scientific papers and resources can be accessed like Xfinity Internet.

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