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Goldfish - a Magnanimous Pet for All Age Groups

By Annphilip Subscribe to RSS | December 27th 2011 | Views:

Some people believe that having an aquarium inside their house will bring luck to them, while some others think that running water will bring wealth to them. Whatever it is, watching shimmering movements of goldfish will always make us happy. They even respond to our whistling or call which forms an emotional attachment towards them. Though goldfish is sensitive to long-drawn-out exposure to low water temperatures, it's still considered as a suitable fish for aquarium and pond environments. So we can keep goldfishes in our aquariums, just for the sake of mental pleasure or by taking it as a hobby.

Goldfish, belonging to the genus Carassius, can attain a reasonably good size if we give adequate space and food. As it is considered as a hardy fish, it can live happily in an aquarium or pond for more than 10 years. We can see goldfishes mostly in colors ranging from light orange to bright red, other than brown, blue and other eye catching combinations. Goldfishes also exist in a variety of beautiful outer coverings including silver and metallic textures.

This beautiful fish is one of the earliest fishes that man started domesticating and this captive breeding started from its native home China, mostly during the reign of the Sung Dynasty. When man started schooling these fishes, they also tried to raise different breeds within the species. Thus, goldfishes served as a gateway for taming exotic fish species.

Some of the commonly found goldfish varieties are Comet, Black Moore, Ryukin, Fantail, Lionhead, Bubble eye, Pearscale and Oranda. These fishes are omnivores and often feed on vegetables, protein mixtures etc. Comets are very daring and active, and it will grow up to 30 inches. Meanwhile, Black Moores can grow up to 7 inches long and Fantails can develop up to 8 inches. As Black Moore is a very mischievous fish, it's always advisable to keep this fish with another goldfish so that it will feel more comfortable. We can see Ryukins in calico, red and white colors. It can grow up to 6 inches and can live more than 14 years. This fish can be identified easily as it has a short, round body, and a high humped back.

As goldfishes are cheerful, long-lived and visually pleasing, we must ensure proper care for them. Most important decisions regarding this is checking the quality of the water. We should not forget that goldfish must eat, swim, breathe and drink in the same water they are living, so water quality for the fish must be taken seriously. Some of the parameters we should check while setting up an aquarium includes ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels. We can also decorate the tank or the aquarium with different colored rocks or ornamental plants; this will offer the fish a hiding spot or a play area to reduce their stress.

As a properly fed goldfish will be livelier, brilliantly colored and resistant to diseases, flake food will be preferable to pellet food. It is better to give food that will float on the top of the water, because this will make it easier for the fish to find. If you are seriously thinking about setting up an aquarium or an artificial pond, then information related to this are available in magazines and in different television channels from providers like Dish TV.

If we keep right climatic conditions, goldfish is a fantastic species of fish to keep, especially for the budding fish enthusiast. Creating ornamental varieties from a common goldfish become a hobby for many people. Common goldfish tend to live in groups as they are quite social and have proven over time to be a popular pet not only for children but also for adults.

Annphilip - About Author:
Ann likes to watch documentaries and movies related to marine life on her HD television powered by Dish TV . She is also interested in writing articles related to marine creatures, its habitat, features, feeding habits and general behavior.

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