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The flowering stems

By Seolncr Subscribe to RSS | June 20th 2012 | Views:

If the prey is unable to escape continue to stimulate the inside of the lobes, leading to greater dilation response to press the edges against each other to the end, the trap hermetically sealed to form a "stomach" in which produces the digestion . Digestion is catalyzed by enzymes secreted by the glands of the lobes.

The oxidative modification of the protein is a likely pre-digestive mechanism. In aqueous leaf extracts have been found quinones such as plumbagin naphthoquinone combined with different diaphorases NADH -dependent to produce superoxide and hydrogen peroxide by autoxidation . 10 Such oxidative modifications could break the animal cell membranes. Plumbagin are known to induce apoptosis , associated with regulation of the protein family Bcl-2 . 11 ??When extracts were preincubated Dionaea with diaphorases and NADH in the presence of serum albumin (SA), facilitated the subsequent digestion tryptic SA. 10 Since the exocrine glands of Droseraceae contain peptidases and possibly other degenerative enzymes, it may be that the presence of oxygen-activated cofactors redox function as oxidants predigestivos proteins to membranous walls of the dam more susceptible to attack by proteolytic . 10

Digestion takes about 10 days, after which the dam has been reduced to a shell chitin . Then the trap reopens ready to hunt again.

Dionaea muscipula grows in environments poor in nitrogen , such as swamps and wetlands , where the soil is composed of sand or peat . Due to their small size and slow growth, depends on periodic fires to suppress competitors 12 but, although well tolerated fire, this system threatens its future in the wild. 13

Although it is grown successfully in many parts of the world, its native habitat is only the states of North Carolina and South Carolina in the southeastern United States , specifically within about 100 km around Wilmington (North Carolina ) . 14 One such place is the Green Swamp Swamp. There is also a naturalized population in northern Florida and some in Pine Barrens, New Jersey . Soil nutrient poverty is the reason that this species uses such elaborate traps: insect supply nitrogen for protein formation that the soil can not. This carnivore is a tropical plant, so it requires a climate relatively mild winters not too cold. In fact, if it goes through a period of dormancy in winter weakens and dies after a certain time.

The Venus flytrap are popular, but are notoriously difficult to grow. 2 The success of the crop depends on how faithfully it can reproduce their natural habitat.

requires a substrate-free mineral salts, a good mix is quartz sand and peat of sphagnum to 50%. The watering water should be performed with acid and basic, rain (sediment-free) or distilled , since the salts dissolved in tap water could kill. A pH of 5 or 6 is optimal. The use of fertilizers is highly deleterious (all the nutrients you need get them from their prey). Needs a full sun exposure, because without enough light weakens and dies.

Since its natural habitat is the swamps where the soil is constantly waterlogged, the substrate of the plant must always be wet and is convenient to put a tray with a little water under the pot (preferably plastic, which retains moisture better), if you choose to keep it in a glass container, for example, it is vital that you keep a finger of liquid in the bottom, which of course will be free of lime and minerals.

The right temperature would be between 18 and 26 ° C in summer and during the day. We encourage shocks. So at night would be good to come down drastically. In winter supports between 5 and 10 ° C or any less, but does not tolerate frost.

During the period of inactivity (dormancy) the risks should be much more scarce and allow the plant to rest in a cool (may be outside if there is no risk of frost) and sunny. This stage should coincide with the winter. However, the acquired plants in nurseries or shopping centers are usually handled and the first year may not have downtime.

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