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The climatic factors and cycles

By Seolncr Subscribe to RSS | June 5th 2012 | Views:

The Phenology is the science that studies the relationship between climatic factors and cycles of living things . 1 For example, in Spain, it tracks the annual first sighting of some migratory birds like the Barn Swallow ( Hirundo rustica ).

The Fitofenología is the part of studying phenology and weather variables affect the periodic or seasonal events of plants ( flowering , emergence (curd) and ripening fruit, leaf drop and dormancy . For example studied in the gardens Annexes to the meteorological observatory , data provided by volunteers or in specialized centers such as the "Agricultural Experiment Stations" of INTA of Argentina .

It should be borne in mind that the comparative effects of different varieties of plants may have full cycles are also different time periods.

The collection of data sets of many years may contribute to improved management productivity of crops and with it set its productive potential. In the case of wild species is also a warning about climate change , abundance, health status, etc.

In botany , is called the filament to the basal part of a sterile stamen . As a general rule of filamentous, which is located below the anther and holds. Varies greatly in shape and size, depending on the family : it can be laminar, as in certain families primitives (eg. Degeneriaceae ), to be divided (eg., in certain species of the genus Allium ) or appendages variably present . The filament has a fibrovascular bundle throughout surrounded by parenchyma and covered with epidermis . If the filament is negligible or no, it is said that the anther is sessile.

In Botany , called phyllode a laminar body looks like a leaf , but its evolutionary origin, its ontogeny (development process) and their internal anatomy is not. In general, these stems or petioles dilated meet in some plants the photosynthetic function normally corresponding to the leaves, which functionally replaces.

Examples of the phyllodes offer some of the many species of Acacia . Most of the acacias have compound leaves, but instead presents some phyllodes. Seedlings in some of these species are observed transitional forms between normal leaves and phyllodes.

In Botany , called phloem to the conducting tissue responsible for the transport of organic nutrients, especially sugars produced by photosynthesis and autotrophic shoot towards the basal parts underground, non-photosynthetic, heterotrophic of vascular plants. You can also call Liberians tubes or vessels .

The phloem term was coined by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli in 1858 , from the Greek "f????" (phloos) meaning bark. Also used to designate the terms bast , leptoma and sieve tissue .

There are two kinds of phloem: the primary and secondary. In the stem, the phloem is associated with the primary xylem constituting the vascular bundles. It differs in protophloem and metaphloem . Mature in the first plant parts which are still growing in size, and their sieve elements soon become inactive. The difference is metaphloem later complete their maturation after the body has finished growing in length. In plants that have no secondary growth, is phloem functional adult organs.

The secondary phloem, like the xylem side, originates in the cambium , located towards the periphery of stem or root . It has a axial and radial system, which is continuous with the secondary xylem through the cambium.

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