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Analysis of high-definition network camera functions and applications

By Guardlyer Subscribe to RSS | April 26th 2012 | Views:

From standard to HD and then Full HD, from analog to digital, networked, intelligent, with the development of network monitoring, high-definition monitor has become the new application highlights. hd ip camera as HD monitor image acquisition juncture, the market's attention and favor of this two years, subject to the impact of chip technology, network bandwidth, storage, price and other factors, its popularity is still in a step-by-step transitions. The first stage of the application of high-definition products are mainly concentrated in some areas of high-end.

High-definition network camera status

HD cameras are basically CCD and COMS sensor chips to imaging, are basically two types of devices in the future period of time, but most of the low-cost high-definition cameras COMS chip, because this chip is highly integrated the cost is relatively low, but also easy to manufacture. On the CCD chip, high-pixel chip costs more than 2 million higher integration is relatively difficult to improve a lot, mainly to the higher costs caused by different sensing technology principle, but the CCD sensor chip to its inherent advantages, that is, The color reproduction is very good, sensitivity and clarity is very good. Future high-definition ip camera will be gradually divided into two categories, one category is high-definition camera high pixels COMS chip sensor, a class is a high-pixel CCD sensor high-end HD cameras.

HD camera's chip size, generally 1/3 ", 1/2.5", 1/2 ", 1/1.8", 1/1.5 "type, so the lens match is very important, its not only to combination of monitoring distance to match the focal length HD lenses, but also pay attention to match the HD lens and sensor chips. Therefore, high-definition camera lens (the lens) you need to choose very carefully, but in this test, we found that some high-definition camera manufacturers, there are some problems in the matching of HD lenses, such as the optional lens and the chip size does not match, or the lens reach the HD requirements.

Definition, the network controlling the performance of


best ip camera generally use the H.264 codec technology, use of MPJG4, there is a good way to improve image quality and network performance. Most of the clarity of the evaluation of more than a dozen high-definition camera around 800-900TVL, compared with the standard definition camcorder machine effect. But current technology is only at the initial stage of high-definition camera development, chip manufacturing technology in the future will make the image larger than the current definition, are generally required to reach more than 1000 TV lines. This test products are very good, the overall performance of the network control performance stream and delay to reach the basic requirements of HD, especially delay the basic 200-300ms or so, a year ago, it is difficult to do to this indicator.

Client software and IE browser operation

Test from the author of more than a dozen high-definition cameras can be used to display and manage the IE browser, only a few manufacturers of products in the product comes with client software on a number of parameters inherent in the setting, which has brought many inconvenience. Development situation, the display and management through the IE browser will eventually replace the management style of the client browser software.

Operating software for high-definition cameras, which have a choice of picture quality and real-time trade-offs for the trade-offs, in conjunction with on-site monitoring to custom, the general need to monitor the monitoring of static images using the quality ; and for monitoring the liquidity flow more roads and major entrances and other places will have to take into account the real-time requirements, by reducing the quality to meet the real-time requirements, to ensure that when real-time capture.

In addition, the testing, the most HD cameras with wide dynamic, low illumination, and other functions, and wide dynamic function is very good, but some products there is room for further improvement in low-light performance, which is mainly reflected in Day & Night threshold and sensitivity ip control requirements higher.

SDI broadcast high-definition technology immature

SDI pure digital high-definition camera in the field of security, the last two years has just developed, but expensive, is not conducive to the application. Based on different data rates, the SDI can be divided into standard-definition SD-SDI, HD standard HD-SDI, corresponding to the clock rate are 270Mb / s to 1.485Gb / s.

High definition without delay, full HD, high sharpness, data lossless HD application is the development trend of the times, the fusion of broadcast technology and security, will lead the security industry in China to a higher level. Of course, HD-SDI camera is just entering the field of security, there are a lot of technology needs to be improved to better adapt to the application of the security industry.


Under the same premise as the scope of monitoring, a single 1 million pixel high-definition network mini ip camera can replace the original 2 or 3 standard cameras, or even more. "Details determine success or failure: the effect of the security industry, image effects, identification is the more competitive

Guardlyer - About Author:

Some of the manufacturers on the future direction of high definition video surveillance, such as Samsung, Panasonic, Hikvision, Dahua and other intelligence applications in high-definition video surveillance, security monitoring best ip camera and Internet of Things "," cloud era security Monitoring and other fields, have put forward their own development plans and ideas. At the same time, we also combine the characteristics of high-definition extended security epitaxial applications, including the combination of multimedia applications, and production management applications, as well as some of the HD-related commercial applications.
I believe that with the video surveillance security applications in China continues to develop, and HD as the Pearl of the most important one in the security network camera, it will definitely send more and brighter light.

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