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Causes of Ear Pain and Some Useful Home Remedies to Treat It

By Cody Subscribe to RSS | January 17th 2012 | Views:

Ear pain is a common problem among people of all age groups. Sometimes the intensity of the pain can be mild whereas it can be unbearable in some cases; though this largely depends on the cause of the ear pain. A severe earache can in turn result in other problems like headache or nausea or loss of hearing. The most common reason for ear pain and difficulty in hearing is the buildup of wax in the ears. However, this can be removed easily, without any kind of pain or discomfort. A persistent ear pain if left without being given any kind of medical attention could result in the loss of hearing of the patient. This is because, the pain in the ear will result in swelling that will in turn disturb the functioning of auditory canal, tympanic membrane, and the middle ear. The human ear is classified into three sections. They are the outer, middle, and the inner ear. Each section has a vital role to play in the hearing process. Good hearing ability is only because of the balance being maintained among all the three sections. An imbalance or disturbance in any of the three sections will ultimately affect the entire hearing system. Ear pain can be caused as a result of an infection in the outer ear called as otitis externa or due to an infection in the middle ear called otitis media. Another common reason for earache could be due to exposure of the ear drum to loud noise. Sometimes the eardrum may not be able to tolerate such loud noises and this could result in the permanent damage of the tissue which will result in loss of hearing.

Simple home remedies to treat ear pain:

One simple and effective way to treat earache at home is by using warm water. Just dip a clean towel in warm water and press it gently against your ears. This should be a great relief to your ears. While taking bath, always plug cotton in your ears just to ensure that water doesn't get in. Doctors have stated that too much water into the ears might even septic the ear drums. However, if you have forgotten to insert cotton and water had gone into the ears, dry your ears with a hair dryer immediately to get rid of the water.

A traditional home remedy to treat earache is by pouring little garlic juice into the ears. This gives immediate relief to the pain. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps to get rid of the pain immediately.

If you go for swimming or to water rides in amusement parks, don't forget to keep your ears plugged with a protective muff.

Using mineral oil on the ears can be helpful in treating allergy. And olive oil is also an effective earache reliever. Just dip a clean cloth or dab cotton with olive oil and gently squeeze two to three drops of the oil to each ear one by one. You will see a considerable relief in pain.

If your ears are blocked by excessive wax, then it can be treated by spooning 4ml of hydrogen peroxide into the ears. After pouring the hydrogen peroxide liquid, allow it to stay for about three to four minutes in each ear before draining it out. As a precautionary solution for earwax, it is suggested to pour a couple of drops of alcohol into your ears after taking bath.

If you are in a cold place there are chances that your ears might get blocked temporarily. Although this is not directly associated with ear pain, I would call it as ear discomfort and the best way to treat such a discomfort is to cover your ears completely with a woolen cap. Another good way to get rid of ear blockage is by chewing bubble gums until you hear that 'pop' sound when the ear opens up.

Sometimes, when you are joyfully watching TV using any of the cable connections such as the Verizon FiOS TV, there are chances that a bug may get into your ears. So, if you are pestered by a bug, just dip cotton in alcohol and squeeze the drops to your ears. This will kill the bug and you can take out the bug by using an ear syringe.

However, as a word of caution, it is advisable to consult your doctor or an expert before doing any of these steps on your own.

Cody - About Author:
Cody is a content writer and an active blogger who writes on all kinds of topics including health and wellness, relationships, sports etc. He spends his leisure watching health and fitness shows on his cable connection powered by the Verizon FiOS TV.

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